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Blog about travel, food and everything that connects these two things.
Life is a wonderland and every day is exciting!

The author, photographer and writer: May I introduce myself: Suzy, Susanne, born Berliner and very curious. I am in my best mid 30s and young at heart. Who wants to grow up anyway, aye? This blog is very fresh and still develops, hope you like it.  

What is driving me is the urge, to see every place, eat every food and learn everything I can from other cultures. My mother used to call me a gypsy because I cannot stay in one place for long. But the world became so small, why stay if you can go!

For years now I have been a serial freelancer in marketing, singer, entrepreneur. I lived and worked in different countries of Europe ( e.g. Belgium, UK and Italy) , traveled through loads more worldwide but always returned to my hometown Berlin, Germany in the end. 

I would like to share with you the world as I see it and invite you to follow me on my journey. 
Who am I in 5 words? Funny, clumsy, open minded, adventurous and unathletic. 😉

Let me show you my home town Berlin and its gems!

I look forward to connecting with you!
Enjoy my posts. 

Yours, Susanne

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