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Historical country with a wonderful landscape and full of adventure.

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This will make you watch Game of Thrones again

Fortress Winterfell was introduced in the first episode of the Game of Thrones, but it is more than just the home of House Bolton. Fortress Winterfell is Doune Castle, a real fortress perched atop a hill near the Stirling District. A place of peace and authentic history, this is where...

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Unexpected Things I discovered while Travelling Scotland

Scotland’s beautiful nature is well-known and perfectly right for those who seek adventure and outdoor activities. Located in the northernmost part of the UK, Scotland is a country full of mysteries, stories and rain. But it has more to offer: a varied coastal architecture with rocky cliffs in the west...

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Figures and Fun with: Scotland

I live and love looking for information and structure in data. Thats what I do for a living. So while being away from home in a plane hotel room, I digged a little deeper into easy accessable travel related data about scotland.  And I found a funny fact: Scotland itself...

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