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Land with a long history and many historical buildings. Always worth a visit.

Verlassene Orte in Beröin - Grunewald 15

Why Everyone Is Talking About This Lost Place

Built on an demolished Nazi College former NSA Spy Station in Berlin is a special place. A lot has happened in Grunewald. A lot of history has been written and new history is created. A hill of rubble was built and greened. A demolition of Berlin’s history There are a...


What Everybody Ought to Know About Berlin

Berlin is pulsating and a place with many personalities. There’s something for every taste: art lovers, nightclub visitors, cyclists, crazy shoppers or music freaks. It is organized and, in my opinion, quite easy to understand. But I was born and raised here, so what do I know, right? There are...

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Stealing royal bay on the Charlottenburg Palace

A little baroque feeling for everyone – Charlottenburg Palace For those who prefer a mix of manicured aristo-chique combined with history and natural park, is at the right place at Charlottenburg Palace in Berlin. In addition it is great photoshoot location. As a Berliner, it is a great destination for a weekend fling, even for small picnics or a nice nap at noon.  Wiki knows: the...

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