Stealing royal bay on the Charlottenburg Palace

A little baroque feeling for everyone – Charlottenburg Palace

For those who prefer a mix of manicured aristo-chique combined with history and natural park, is at the right place at Charlottenburg Palace in Berlin. In addition it is great photoshoot location. As a Berliner, it is a great destination for a weekend fling, even for small picnics or a nice nap at noon. 

Wiki knows: the 55-hectare castle garden Charlottenburg Palace (called popularly “Castle Park”) was created from 1697 by Siméon Godeau as French baroque garden. It comprised a Baroque parterre on the garden side of the core building, a Western and an Eastern boscet on the river Spree with three fishing houses and a small port for the barges that traveled twice a day to Berlin.


Depending on from which side you arrive, you are there quickly with the S-Bahn (ring train) or the metro U7. I recommend to go through the extensive park starting at S-Bahn station “Jungfernheide”. On this side of the plant, the flora is quite natural and you can wade through the grass or pick dandelions. Divided by many bushes, many niches can be found in which you can retreat to a little nap or just relaxing. Refreshing and typically german: several small sections of lawn are fenced and wear a big sign “Lawn for sunbathing”. Well, I guess you must be standing straight on the other fields then …
Halfway, the mausoleum of the famous Queen Luise is located in the park. Later it was expanded as the tomb of other significant members of the Prussian Royal family.  A visit is feed and because it among the museums Preußischer Kulturbesitz , it is closed on mondays. 

Stealing bay

The long, straight roads remind of how the system was originally created: as a large boulevard for the bored nobility and their Techtel Mechtel, modeled after french ideal. The closer you get to the castle, the more the park is landscaped. Unexpectedly behind some giant cypress trees (a rarity in Germany) the huge palace park is opening up. It is trimmed to the smallest detail and a carp lake is included.  An impressive view. 

Here you can have a walk in style, admire the perfectly clipped boxwood and steal a few fresh leaves of the bay trees for home (I’ve also done).  Just dry and use.
In the narrow niche of perfect hedges, you can escape the blazing sun or be just alone. 

Schloss Charlottenburg

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Address: Spandauer Damm 20 – 24, 14059 Berlin
Opening hours : 11. July 1699

Opening hours: 10:00 18:00 
Architectural style: Baroque architecture
Architect: Georg Wenzeslaus von Knobelsdorff

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