How do you know it’s time to quit?

Life isn´t always steady. While we all are caught between doing the things necessary and keeping ourselves  a bit happy, it is easy to miss the right exit. 

My partner in crime and life is going through a phase of ups and downs lately. Though this is, I think, a normal thing for everyone, he feels that his job has become a dead end street for him. With no other job in the backyard, he decided to quit. Ok, darling. No problem, we will be ok!
That makes me think about: When do you know it is time for a change, big or small?  

Being happily-married to a full-time office job I am the solo earner for now. It is a good job, great team, never boring and with a future. But I am not happy after all. The every-day-hassle is holding many small moments of discontent and sometimes even frustration. Like the millions of moments when time feels short and flying by and you wonder how someone ever gets all daily things squeezed into this short day/week/month. Between keeping yourself clean, your hair washed, properly dressed for work, fed and energized it is easy to forget the bigger picture. And how are the others even fit in sports and social interaction? A mystery to me! 

I am honest with you: I struggle with some daily things and it bores the hell out of me to take care of the dishwasher, the laundry and the organization of my appartement. I feel like I have done this a thousand times already (and this is probably even the right number).  I am only keeping myself going by giving myself little challenges while doing these things. Like to beat the record of the fastest bathroom cleaning ever. And yes: once in a while I note the times and try to beat myself. Sounds weird? Well, I agree… 

So when is the right time for a change? 

For germans it is hard from time to time to give up a security. This is good sometimes and bad more times. Without children or a morgage it´ is easy to change job or home or country. But if you never start walking, then you will never arrive. 

What is your goal?



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