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  1. hello
    wow such an amazing blog full of great
    informatio. thanks for sharing with us and i would love to
    read more of this.

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  3. NIce post! Thanks for sharing!

  4. The facts that you put in here are really interesting to read. I would love to visit Italy and take a picture at the tower of pisa. Its one of the places I have in my bucket list. Its awesome to read about the history of it and why it is actually leaning.

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  6. Great article with comprehensive list! Thanks for sharing.

  7. You not only need the quality of road lights but also they should give bright light as possible.
    This is a great inspiring article.I am pretty much pleased with your good work.You put really very helpful information..

  8. It would be nice to visit it for hiking. Hey I like you hugging the tower, it is original 🙂

  9. I like the idea of taking photos of what’s facing the landmarks. Nice one.

  10. I tried ice bathing when I was in Ireland. I think I would do this again. This was an amazing experience.

    1. You are brave! For me, it is still on my list 🙂

  11. Excellent blog about how to find the lowest costs airfares. I love that we both have a passion for helping people who love to travel by providing them information they will find useful. Keep up the great work. Happy Travels to you.

    1. Thank you, Robert. It is nice to meet a like minded blooger. :_) Let´s stay in touch.

  12. Love this!!! My hubby and I have talked about visiting Greece I will have to save this post to show him. beautiful pictures

  13. Super great! Wish you lots of success! 🙂

  14. You’ve just explored the beauty of the Greece in few words with nice and mesmerizing pictures ! Superb

  15. thanks for the tip on the two ocean view. Such a gorgeous space. How did you find the pricing? What time of year would you recommend for not too hot and not rainy?

  16. Feel bad that Venice has changed much from the time I first visited it in 2002 and then again a couple of years back. But somehow the charm for me still stays. Something still utterly romantic about it no?!

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    1. Yeah, agree. I have been there many times over the years and would still go. Just not in touristy season what fascinates me is the fact, that you are standing right in the water! There is no soil, just wood. Thats still amazing!

  17. Great article Suzy

  18. I love the way it has been transformed by the graffiti !

    1. Yes, true. It is very authentic and charming.

  19. interesting information I can actually recall when that wall came down I was in highschool at the time. The history in this place is vast thanks for sharing
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  20. Greece is truly a remarkable place.

  21. Have always been fascinated by the leaning tower, but thanks for pointing out other areas of interest around.

  22. Love the art works. Cool place to visit.

  23. I love history and there’s so much here! Great read.

  24. Wow this is great! Now I need to go to Berlin!! Such an interesting article- I’m fascinated with lost places!!

    1. Why is it not safe to explore alone? You can go in on yourself but have to pay entranca fee. It is not for free. at least the legal way 😀

  25. Wow! Very interesting to see how history leaves its mark. This post has been super informative. 👍

  26. What a great post and a wonderful place. Thanks for sharing

  27. I’m planning to go to Scotland next year but like you, I don’t like planning too much in advance. Would you plan more next time around accommodation? I have a vague idea of places I want to visit, but am reluctant to book too much ahead of time.

  28. Wow, how interesting. I love visiting places with history!

  29. Wonderful read.

  30. A wonderfully insightful, factual post – I love the combination of your trip and the informative history you’ve put in. Lovely job!

  31. Thank you for this. I don’t know if I’ll go to Berlin but I will pin this. My parents were stationed in Germany when I was little. We were in West Germany when the Berlin wall fell.

    1. Oh nice. Are you american? We have had many Americans here indeed. In my next article I write about the former and abandoned NSA Field and Spy station in Grunewald. The history is exiting and full of little details. 🙂 Do you speak some german then?

  32. I haven’t been to Berlin yet, but I usually go to Munich or Köln once or twice a year for work- a lot of this could apply to those places as well. A lot of good info here!

  33. I would of been just as interested in the medieval buildings as you! Refreshing to here that there is more to do than just take pictures of a leaning tower

  34. I have heard that the town itself is not that exciting. Would you agree? I thought it was interesting and exciting that you included something else by the leaning tower of pisa, but I’m not much for tourist traps anyway. So it was nice to have something refreshing about this site that makes me actually want to explore and go now.

  35. Amen to giving the tower a rest and exploring what’s around it! So much hidden beauty in Pisa outside of the tower. Great post!

  36. Great post. Lots of good information on visiting Berlin – if I ever make it there!

  37. My friend is going to be working there in 2019 and we are going to visit Berlin. So excited! Thank you for these tips! The bottles for deposit next to the can is very kind.

  38. I remember when I visited Berlin my walking tour guide told me about the rule about leaving bottles next to the bins and not in them. I actually love that!

  39. Great advice, we visited Berlin a few years ago and this information would have been very helpful! I love your blog, it has a nice set up and is easy to navigate! I have bookmarked it and signed up for emails!

  40. Oh so different from Brisbane! How interesting about needing to carry coins too – that’s a very helpful tip for tourists! Thanks for sharing this list 🙂

  41. I never carry coins so i would be caught out. thanks for the tip

  42. Great information for when I visit Berlin!! Thanks

  43. Wow drinking alcohol as early as 8am , seems like a chilled place. You shared some really good information for anyone that’s has never been there before like me.

  44. I have never been to Berlin but these are some great tips! Thanks x

  45. Thanks for the awesome tips and advice! it’s always good to know in case

  46. Berlin is one of the cities I really want to visit. In fact, I will put him on the travel list in 2018. I hope I can achieve this.

  47. Certainly a very awesome post! I loved every word of it. I find it very exciting knowing different cultures, customs, traditions, places. I am following you! 🙂

  48. Unbedingt! Leider bekommt man selten Zutritt zu einem der wenigen Gärten dort. Mit echter Erde….Wart ihr mal in einem?

  49. Ich verstehe was du meinst, aber dass ist leider in vielen berühmten Städten so. Ich liebe Venedig! Wir haben uns immer durch kleine Gassen zum Canal Grande durchgekämpft um irgendwo abgelegen auf einem einsamen Steg unseren Wein zu trinken.. Das war schön 🙂

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