The truth about Pisa and its leaning tower


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7 Responses

  1. Karen says:

    I absolutely agree with you love! The leaning tower is cool and all but I always wondered if there was anything else aside from it. So glad I read your post 🙂
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  2. David says:

    Have always been fascinated by the leaning tower, but thanks for pointing out other areas of interest around.

  3. I would of been just as interested in the medieval buildings as you! Refreshing to here that there is more to do than just take pictures of a leaning tower

  4. I have heard that the town itself is not that exciting. Would you agree? I thought it was interesting and exciting that you included something else by the leaning tower of pisa, but I’m not much for tourist traps anyway. So it was nice to have something refreshing about this site that makes me actually want to explore and go now.

  5. Amen to giving the tower a rest and exploring what’s around it! So much hidden beauty in Pisa outside of the tower. Great post!

  6. Hmm.. I have never been! So interesting getting your take on it!

  7. We didn’t even bother stopping here when we went to Italy. It seems like it’s basically a photo op. Nice to hear about the other buildings.

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