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Life is a wonderland and every day is exciting! If you love Europe, old buildings and all this apart from tourist crowds you´re at home here.

This site was created in 2017, originally as a companion for my Instagram account. Over time, however, Wunderlander has developed into a blogazine for all Europe lovers, discoverers of strange places and fans of good local food. Sustainability is becoming more and more important to me, as I often see how wasteful resources are being used in many countries.

Photographer and writer: May I introduce myself: Suzy, Susanne, born Berliner and very curious. During daytime, I am a media analyst, a chef by heart and blogger during the night.

What is driving me is the urge, to see every place, eat every food and learn everything I can from other cultures. I do not like planning too much, I just pack my stuff and go wherever the wind blows or the plane ticket brings me.

For years now I have been a serial freelancer in marketing, singer, entrepreneur. I lived and worked in different countries of Europe ( e.g. Belgium, UK and Italy), travelled through loads more worldwide. I travel full time now and found a new base in the South of Italy.

I would like to share with you the world as I see it and invite you to follow me on my journey. I don’t write about things I haven’t seen or food I haven’t tested myself. This way you, dear reader, get first-hand information.

Who am I in 5 words? Funny, clumsy, open-minded, adventurous and, rare for a German 😉 ,: on time.

Let me show you my home town Berlin and its gems!

I look forward to connecting with you!
Enjoy my posts.

Yours, Susanne


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