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    Interview: Kids making money blogging | Alex & Janine

    Too young for what?! … In my series “It’s in the family: The new blogging generation” I interview blogging families as well as young bloggers, who have already built and run their own successful web site. Today teenage blogger Alex Mergler and his mom, Janine Mergler from Australia answer my questions. Whoop, whoop! Both run successful pages individually, both making money from it. Janine runs a family magazine, which is available both print and online, teenager Alex runs a travel blog on traveling with kids in Australia and Asia. About Alex and Janine The mother-son-duo is located in Brisbane, Australia, and lives in an apartment which they share with 2…

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    Blog Monetization: How to double your passive income

    Here’s how you can double or triple your blog revenue with machine based ad placement. Much has changed since the beginnings of blogging in 1990. It used to be sufficient to set up a fairly appealing blog design, just write something off and you couldn’t even think about generating an income from a blog. Fortunately, today’s bloggers have a lot of opportunities and with the introduction of machine learning, completely new ways of generating income. I myself discovered this kind of monetization just a few months ago and am excited about the increase in my revenue from ads. Decreasing revenue with Google AdSense You put a lot of effort in…

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    Business trips: Ultimate tips and hacks

    Business travel can be hectic and stressful, but with a few key tips and tricks, you can make it a breeze. Check out our business travel hacks to help you stay organized, stress-free, and productive on your next trip. The luggage Travel with hand luggage only Pack wisely Keep the most important in your suitcase Put liquids and technics on top On the road Download the airport app Use free wi-fi Swiftly through the security checkpoint Be friendly In the airplane Buy noise-cancelling headphones Stay hydrated Get some work done In the train Look for sockets Find space in the bistro car During the meeting Have snacks at hand Sounds…