• Skogafoss_waterfall-top5-iceland
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    The 5 most photogenic waterfalls in Iceland

    Iceland is the very remote island on the North Atlantic Ocean. Some people group it with scandic countries. Probably the reason for this is the language. Legend has it, that Icelandic is Norwegian from the XIII century. At that time, Norse and Gaelic people settled Iceland, and it later separated for many centuries. But today’s Iceland is, among others, a…

  • Weekend trip to Paris

    Best European Travel Destinations for a Weekend in Fall

    Fall is a special season. When the leaves turn red and yellow, people also turn to be more relaxed. Throughout Europe there are many beautiful places that are particularly worth a weekend trip in autumn. In a short fall weekend getaway, you can feel this particular vibe, where winter announces itself and nature transforms its appearance. Whether you want to…

  • Europe Travel Blog

    The Best Attractions In The Mediterranean

    Travel enthusiasts spend a lot of time lauding the Mediterranean, and with good reason. It’s a gorgeous and expansive region of the world, and home to a lot of the destinations that tend to appear on people’s travel bucket lists. In this piece though, I want to take a little bit of a different look at the area. Instead of…

  • Malta Arts Festival 2015 in Valletta_Credit Joe Smith_preview
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    To Valletta: colourful Cultural Capital of 2018

    Every year, the EU designates two cities or regions in Europe as “Cultural Capitals”. Capital of Culture 2018 was, besides the Dutch city Leeuwarden, Valletta, the capital of the island Malta. Europe’s smallest capital on Malta Did you know? With a size of only 360 m² and a population of 430,000, Malta is the smallest country in the European Union,…

  • Leaning tower of Pisa, cathedral
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    The truth about Pisa and its Leaning Tower

    The superstar among the leaning towers of the world is clearly the Leaning Tower of Pisa.Located in the town of the same name in Italy, it attracts millions of tourists every year, making it one of Italy’s main attractions. Besides Venice, of course, which is also the focus of tourists. But did you know that the Leaning Tower of Pisa…

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    Things I discovered while travelling Scotland

    Scotland’s beautiful nature is well-known and perfectly right for those who seek adventure and outdoor activities. Also you find a fun language lesson with Gerard Butler  below.  Located in the northernmost part of the UK, Scotland is a country full of mysteries, stories and rain. But it has more to offer: a varied coastal architecture with rocky cliffs in the…

  • 23 travel ideas
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    23 unusual travel ideas for your next trip

    Looking for unusual travel ideas? In times when it only counts how many countries you have visited or who takes the most beautiful beach photo, the idea of experimental travelling is more current than ever. It is another form of discovery. Unusual travel ideas Foreign countries and places are no longer discovered for sightseeing, but according to a pattern that…

  • Berlin in Wintertime Germany is a good Europe trip
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    You are in Berlin this winter? Check this …

    Updated 28.10.18 What to experience in Berlin in winter? A city like Berlin attracts many people. All year round, ceaseless and relentless. Berlin is known for its relaxed habits, colourfulness and party scene. There are many festivals, events and natural attractions that deserve to be experienced, especially in summer. But even in winter, when the barbeque parties are over, the…

  • Weihnachtatraditionen dtsch
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    Sit tight: 9 Odd Christmas traditions

    Christmas traditions in Europe Christmas is coming up and I wondered how other European countries might be celebrating this time. My love for curiosities led me directly to some different traditions of our neighbours.  Christmas traditions in Europe are as varied as the countries themselves.   Christmas traditions in Spain: the lottery The Spaniards don’t just try their luck in the…