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    Travel Tips for a budget: Thessaloniki in Greece

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    Do you want to go on a city trip but only have a few bucks to spend? Then here comes a great place in Greece you can visit for cheap. I show you where to go and what to do for free. Greece’s second largest city surprises with many ancient buildings and a relaxed atmosphere. Here you will find the perfect blend of vibrant life, culture and historical heritage. A trip to Thessaloniki is always worthwhile at any time of the year.  For fans of history and culture I have put together some inexpensive or even free tips for the harbour city of Thessaloniki. Btw: You can find cheap flights with…

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    The abandoned houses of Greece: Corfu

    Greece is the number one travel destination for many. Its white beaches and facades, good food and the relaxed, friendly people enchant anyone who has ever been there. But there is also another side to this: the abandoned houses and the general real estate situation. Looking through my travel photos, I found beautiful pictures of Corfu, both oppressive and melancholy: vacant, semi-finished testimonies of the implosion of the real estate bubble that Greece has been suffering since 2009. Real estate market in Greece The prices for home ownership have been declining more and more for years. It has never been cheaper to buy houses there than now.  At the same…

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    My 5 favorite Spots in Greece

    I tell about my top 5 most favourite spots in Greece. Not only the islands but especially these are gems you should not miss out. Greece is rich in history and has seen some wild times. Therefore it is home to many old buildings and churches. If you think of ancient or medieval ruins, don´t only think of Scotland or Italy. It is right here. I show you my top 5 favorite spots of stunning beauty at the Greek mainland and the islands. Some are mostly unknown, so you probably will be alone there. 1. Island Corfu: Kaiser’s throne Roundabout 13 kms from the main city Corfu, the mountain village Pelekas is…