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SChottland ist perfekt für Outdoor Abenteuer 4

Unexpected Things I discovered while Travelling Scotland

Scotland’s beautiful nature is well-known and perfectly right for those who seek adventure and outdoor activities. Located in the northernmost part of the UK, Scotland is a country full of mysteries, stories and rain. But it has more to offer: a varied coastal architecture with rocky cliffs in the west...

Venedig, Venice,European travel,travelling,Eurotrip 4

Venice – is it Still worth a Visit?

Ich liebe Italien! Wirklich.


Kimchi – home made

Homemade kimchi is simply super delicious and the ideal snack. It comes initially from Korea and is a true vitamin bomb. Kimchi is generally used for all vegetables which are preserved by lactic acid fermentation. So our domestic sauerkraut is nothing else. For Korean kimchi, the best known method is...

Verlassene Orte in Beröin - Grunewald 15

Why Everyone Is Talking About This Lost Place

Built on an demolished Nazi College former NSA Spy Station in Berlin is a special place. A lot has happened in Grunewald. A lot of history has been written and new history is created. A hill of rubble was built and greened. A demolition of Berlin’s history There are a...

Pisa Dom und Turm 7

The truth about Pisa and its leaning tower

Wonderful, monumental buildings on the other side of the leaning tower of Pisa. Many city trips through Europe lead here and it is among the best European places to visit. The dome and its tower Again and again, I read about the Leaning Tower of Pisa and how enthusiastic people...


What Everybody Ought to Know About Berlin

Berlin is pulsating and a place with many personalities. There’s something for every taste: art lovers, nightclub visitors, cyclists, crazy shoppers or music freaks. It is organized and, in my opinion, quite easy to understand. But I was born and raised here, so what do I know, right? There are...

Liebster Award Nominee 0

Liebster Award: I am nominated!

The “Liebster Award” (“Favorite Award”)  is a Blog Award that started a few years ago in Germany. It was meant to help small and bigger bloggers with supporting each other by picking out your most favorite Blogs ever. Over the years it spread all over the world and also this...


Collaborate on an ebook with me!

Travel Bloggers around the world: We are plenty! Let´s unite for a free ebook ! We come from every part of the world. We like to see new things ! We like to make it happen ! And we write about it as much as we can … besides a...


Win 2 posters in our Instagram – give away contest

The wonderful danish Fotofactory gives away 2 posters of their nordic beauty motifs to the wunderlander-followers exclusively. ❤️ You can win 2 posters of the size 50x70cm for your house or office (worth 120€) . The winner can just pick the motifs from their website and it will be...

Sustainable travel 1

Best Practice: Sustainable traveling

Lately, sustainable traveling has advanced from a genuine specialty thought to an all inclusive need. What is presently evident to settlement suppliers is that holidaymakers expect the organizations they book with to be as dependable, moral and maintainable as conceivable. Over the coming years anticipate that travel brands will incorporate...

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