• espresso-making-3-ways
    Kitchen Secrets

    Three ways to make espresso without a machine

    Espresso is a concentrated coffee made from dark-roasted coffee beans. You will find espresso machines in coffee shops and bars. Espresso is usually made using a machine as it requires pressure. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on an espresso machine. There are three basic ways to make espresso. Moka Pot or Moka Press Let’s begin with the most…

  • best-boat-trip-route-croatia
    Travel Trends,  Croatia

    The best Croatian islands for a boat trip

    With over 1,000 beautiful islands near the mainland, Croatia’s beautiful coastline makes it easy to navigate safely in the clear blue waters. If you are planning on a boat charter, sailing trip or yacht experience along this lovely coast, you cannot miss these lovely islands. Here is the ultimate itinerary for your Croatian boat trip. The Croatian coastline Croatia is located north…

  • one-pot-chciken-chilli
    Chilies,  One Pot

    One Pot Chicken Chilli with spinach and chickpeas

    This Slimming World healthy chicken recipe is simple to prepare and great for meal preparation. This is a great lunch idea, even if you don’t know what to cook. This is my favorite slimming-world chicken dish. Let’s get started. What parts of chicken to use? This One-pot chicken recipe uses chicken thighs rather than chicken breast. You can make this recipe into a chicken…

  • tips-friends-solo-travelers
    Travel tips

    Solo travelers: Finding friends on the road

    A little guide for solo travelers over 30 that can help you make new friends and connections on the road without having to party every day or sleep in a hostel. Especially if you stay longer in one place, some tips are really worthwhile. Putting off your vacation because you’re between relationships or your friends have used up their vacation…

  • how-long-does-tahini-last
    Kitchen Secrets

    How long does tahini last?

    The shelf life of tahini without conservatives can be extended by storing it in its original container or glass in the refrigerator. This way, once opened, tahini lasts for up to 6 months, the same as in closed containers. Outside the fridge, opened tahini lasts 1 – 2 months. If you want to know how long does tahini last when…

  • Strawberry-and-Chocolate-meringue
    Dessert & Sweets

    White Meringue Dessert with Strawberries and Cream

    This white meringue recipe stars crunchy meringue, fruity strawberries and rich chocoloate. It is so easy to prepare and so amazing in taste! Impress your guests and family with this little sweet strawberry dessert. How to make meringue Meringue, French: “Baiser”, basically consists of whisked egg whites, which are brought to stiffness and should have a yummy, glossy shine. The…

  • Burgundy-Chicken-Casserole
    Meat,  Bakes & Casseroles,  Main Courses

    Burgundy Chicken Casserole Recipe

    This delicious Chicken Casserole is a perfect choice for an Autumn meal. It’s a wonderful combination of the beautiful aroma, the delicious sauce, and the succulent, fall-off-the-bone chicken. But it’s easier to simply say that this is a family favorite for the past 20+ years. Give it a go – this amazing chicken casserole wont disappoint you. Like chicken? Also try…

  • bircher-muesli
    Breakfast & Brunch

    Overnight Apple Bircher Muesli

    Bircher Muesli makes a great start to the day. This overnight recipe is suitable for apple lovers. It can also be made all year. You only need to add oats and nuts, milk, and an apple. You can create your own variations by adding fruits, seeds, or nuts. Check out our recipe for Bircher oatmeal. The history of famous Bircher Muesli Thanks to the…

  • red-french-onionsoup
    Soup & Stew,  Starters

    Red French style Onion Soup

    French onion soup is a hearty specialty that consists of an aromatic onion soup and bread topped with cheese. This onion soup has a wonderful gourmet aroma thanks to the use of red wine. This recipe is perfect for entertaining at parties such as Christmas or birthdays. You will love this recipe! Original French onion soup A more liquidized version of onion soup…

  • energy-balls2

    Nut and dry fruit energy balls

    These little energy boosters are made in a breeze. They are healthy and perfect to carry with you to school, university or the office. They are also great as a quick snack between meals on a hectic day at home. Vegan energy balls You can easily make our recipe vegan and replace the honey completely with maple syrup.

  • Chocolate-Gelato-6
    Ice cream & Co.

    Homemade Dark Chocolate Ice Cream

    This simple chocolate ice cream recipe will please chocolate lovers. The simple recipe for chocolate ice cream can be made all year. Chocolate ice cream isn’t just delicious in summer. We’ll show you how to make it step-by-step. Ice cream toppings You can serve it as a dessert in different ways. Try it with a delicious vanilla sauce, our hazelnut caramel praline or…

  • Hungarian-fish-soup-halaszle
    Soup & Stew,  Starters

    Red Hungarian fish soup “Halászlé”

    This is one of the most loved Hungarian appetizers. Because Hungary doesn’t have access to the sea, but has many standing water sources, it is made with freshwater fish. This healthy and authentic recipe is waiting for you to make it at home. Fish soup in Hungary Fish soup is a great choice in Hungary. However, it can be difficult to get…

  • hungarian-goulash
    Soup & Stew,  Main Courses,  Meat

    Original Hungarian beef goulash

    A good, hearty goulash (beef stew) is a treat for body and soul. It is easy for you to prepare at home with this basic Hungarian recipe. You only need to use a few ingredients and patience to make grandma’s goulash. You can then make a delicious, tender goulash for your loved ones. Porcolt (pörkölt) or Hungarian goulash? This most famous goulash…

  • gentse waterzooi
    Soup & Stew

    Gentse waterzooi: Belgian chunky chicken stew

    This recipe for tender anddelicious chicken soup is a Belgian legend. It warms the soul and heart and serves as a light supper or lunch. It is rich in healthy ingredients. You will love this signature chicken dish.  History of Belgian waterzooi Waterzooi is a traditional Flemish soup. The Dutch word comes from zooien, which means to cook. It is believed to have come from the city of Ghent, as the name implies. This Ghent-style chicken soup is healthy choice for busy nights and when children are sick.  Originally Belgian waterzooi soup was made from fish,…

  • img 20170426 224459 721 e1523989579269
    Meat,  French Recipes

    Rabbit pie in puff pastry

    In Nice, I ate a great pâté that blew me away. Since Nice is in the south of France and therefore close to Italy, the Mediterranean location is noticeable in all the dishes. Here comes a recipe for a wonderful rabbit pie. Slightly crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. Level of difficulty: challengingFor 8 persons The dish…