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Three ways to make espresso without a machine

Espresso is a concentrated coffee made from dark-roasted coffee beans. You will find espresso machines in coffee shops and bars.

Espresso is usually made using a machine as it requires pressure. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on an espresso machine. There are three basic ways to make espresso.

Moka Pot or Moka Press


Let’s begin with the most well-known, the Moka Pot or Moka Press. You can find this espresso maker in many countries. It is a classic. You can use it on any type of stovetop. Modern Moka pots can also be used on Induction Cooktops. The moka pot can be easily carried around due to its lightweight. It can be found everywhere, including in coffee lovers’ luggage.


  • 1 Moka Pot
  • 7 g Espresso coffee beans
  • If you grind freshly, grinder
  • Espresso cup
  • Hot water


  • Disassemble your Moka Pot. There are three chambers in the Moka Pot: the bottom where you place your water and the basket where your coffee is filled, and the top where your espresso goes when it’s ready.
  • Add water to the bottom chamber, keeping it below the steam outlet. To prevent espresso from tasting metallic, you should use hot or warm water. You can use cold water if you are unable to heat the water or don’t have the time.
  • Make your favorite coffee. Espresso beans should be first ground.
  • The coffee should be poured into the coffee basket. To allow water to flow freely, don’t put too much coffee into the basket. The coffee should not be pressed too hard in the sieve.
  • Attach the top pot to your bottom as tight as possible, but don’t use the handle.
  • The Moka Press should be placed on the stovetop on medium-high heat. Use a gas oven to ensure that the flame is not too hot
  • Allow the espresso to sit for 3 to 5 minutes. When the espresso is poured into the top chamber, you will hear a wooshing sound. The wooshing sound will stop when the coffee stops rising.
  • The coffee will burn quickly so immediately turn off the heat.
  • Warm up your espresso cup with hot water. Now pour in your freshly brewed espresso.



The AeroPress is an excellent device to make espresso. It produces the exact same results as a machine. You will need the following basic equipment: an AeroPress, scale, spoon, coffee beans, finely ground coffee, water, and water.


  • Hot water
  • Finely grind coffee.
  • Place a filter inside the AeroPress drain cap, and rinse with hot water
  • Next, place the AeroPress drain cap onto the AeroPress and then pour your coffee into the AeroPress.
  • Put the ground in the Aeropress
  • Make sure you get the puck in a tight place.
  • Heat some water in a small saucepan and then pour it into an AeroPress. Stir.
  • After stirring for 30 seconds, drive the plunger with one hand until it reaches the bottom of AeroPress.
  • Pour your espresso in a cup and enjoy!




  • Ground coffee
  • French press
  • Hot water


  • Finely grind coffee.
  • Put your ground into your french presse.
  • Add a small amount of hot water to the ground and let it sit for a while.
  • Add water
  • Close the lid, and wait for approximately 5 minutes.
  • Slowly push down the plunger to get it to the bottom of the French press.
  • Pour your coffee in a cup and enjoy!

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