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  • best-boat-trip-route-croatia
    Travel Trends,  Croatia

    The best Croatian islands for a boat trip

    With over 1,000 beautiful islands near the mainland, Croatia’s beautiful coastline makes it easy to navigate safely in the clear blue waters. If you are planning on a boat charter, sailing trip or yacht experience along this lovely coast, you cannot miss these lovely islands. Here is the ultimate itinerary for your Croatian boat trip. The Croatian coastline Croatia is located north…

  • tips-friends-solo-travelers
    Travel tips

    Solo travelers: Finding friends on the road

    A little guide for solo travelers over 30 that can help you make new friends and connections on the road without having to party every day or sleep in a hostel. Especially if you stay longer in one place, some tips are really worthwhile. Putting off your vacation because you’re between relationships or your friends have used up their vacation…

  • travel hacking tipps beginners guide
    Travel Trends,  Transport

    Travel Hacking for beginners in 2021

    Do you love to travel? Have you ever wondered how to get free flights? Do you want to travel for free or nearly free? If so, you need to start travel hacking!  Wait, what? What is travel hacking and how is it done? Follow along as we tell you all about it in this beginner’s guide to travel hacking.This article…

  • Geschäftsreise
    Business,  Business Travel

    Business trips: Ultimate tips and hacks

    Business travel can be hectic and stressful, but with a few key tips and tricks, you can make it a breeze. Check out our business travel hacks to help you stay organized, stress-free, and productive on your next trip. The luggage Travel with hand luggage only Pack wisely Keep the most important in your suitcase Put liquids and technics on…

  • Zmar-Eco-Campo-Resort-&-Spa

    5 of the Best Camping Places in Europe

    Do you like to camp and do fun outdoor activities? How about exploring and camping in other countries? Maybe this is the year for you to decide and go camping in Europe. Going to a trip in Europe is a dream for many people who love to travel. Rich history and culture is attracting people from all over the world…

  • Where is home wunderlander

    Thoughts about home – what is this?

    When you travel a lot or move away from your home town, the question automatically keeps coming: Where is home? Thoughts about home.   Wiki knows:  Home Noun[the] 1. the country or region where you were born and grew up or where you feel at home because you have been living there for a long time. “after a long time…

  • Sustainable Traveling in Europe
    Sustainable Tourism

    Your way to Sustainable Travel

    Does travel and environmental protection go hand in hand?  What does ecotourism mean and what are the benefits? How do I find sustainable travel ? How can sustainable tourism affect local communities? 2017 was the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development. You didn’t know that?  The UN General Assembly has declared this year to underline the importance of sustainable…

  • road trip europe 1

    How to prepare yourself for driving in Europe

    Driving in a new country can be discouraging in the beginning, especially if you are not used to the driving rules in Europe. Yet driving a car often becomes a must for visitors who want to rent a house or apartment away from the big cities or travel forwards or between cities. The image that many of us have in…

  • 23 travel ideas
    Destinations,  Experimental Travel

    23 unusual travel ideas for your next trip

    Looking for unusual travel ideas? In times when it only counts how many countries you have visited or who takes the most beautiful beach photo, the idea of experimental travelling is more current than ever. It is another form of discovery. Unusual travel ideas Foreign countries and places are no longer discovered for sightseeing, but according to a pattern that…

  • Greece,  Destinations,  Lost places

    The abandoned houses of Greece: Corfu

    Greece is the number one travel destination for many. Its white beaches and facades, good food and the relaxed, friendly people enchant anyone who has ever been there. But there is also another side to this: the abandoned houses and the general real estate situation. Looking through my travel photos, I found beautiful pictures of Corfu, both oppressive and melancholy:…

  • Filming locations Scotland film set
    Scotland,  Filming Locations

    This will make you watch Game of Thrones again

    Are you asking sometimes, what movies have been shot in Scotland? It has many lovely places which have been used for shooting historical movies. One of them, and one of the most famous, is Doune castle. Fortress Winterfell was introduced in the first episode of the Game of Thrones, but it is more than just the home of House Stark.…

  • Sustainable travel
    Sustainable Tourism

    Best Practice: Sustainable traveling

    Lately, sustainable traveling has advanced from a genuine specialty thought to an all inclusive need. What is presently evident to settlement suppliers is that holidaymakers expect the organizations they book with to be as dependable, moral and maintainable as conceivable. Over the coming years anticipate that travel brands will incorporate sustainable traveling into their offerings in energizing and imaginative ways. But…