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    Travel Hacking for beginners in 2021

    Do you love to travel? Have you ever wondered how to get free flights? Do you want to travel for free or nearly free? If so, you need to start travel hacking!  Wait, what? What is travel hacking and how is it done? Follow along as we tell you all about it in this beginner’s guide to travel hacking.This article is written in collaboration with TravelHackingMom. Definition of travel hacking Travel Hacking means applying for credit cards, completing a certain amount of spendings on that card (minimum spending), receiving bonus points for doing that and using those points for free travel (minus taxes and fees) or free hotel stays. Sounds…

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    How to prepare yourself for driving in Europe

    Driving in a new country can be discouraging in the beginning, especially if you are not used to the driving rules in Europe. Yet driving a car often becomes a must for visitors who want to rent a house or apartment away from the big cities or travel forwards or between cities. The image that many of us have in mind will undoubtedly be something like the notorious driving scene in National Lampoon’s European Vacation: trapped for all eternity in a roundabout, surrounded by aggressive French (or Italian or German) drivers who won’t let the frightened, green foreign driver get out. Well, it is not exactly like that! Here are…

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    I know you want it too! Here is your way to cheap flights

    Where can I find cheap flights? How do I book cheap flights? What are tips for searching flights? Questions about questions….   I’m a big fan of cheap flights! Because I’d rather spend my money on stays on the spot and, above all, on good food than on transportation. It is not easy to get an overview in the jungle of airlines. However, it is worth it to do some research on the Internet before booking a flight ticket. While going to the travel agency can be worthwhile for long-haul trips or journeys with many stopovers, shorter trips are better booked on the Internet. With the following small but nice tricks you will find…