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Travel Bloggers Super Collection

Travel Bloggers around the world: We are plenty! Let´s unite for collection and a free ebook !

We come from every part of the world. We like to see new things ! We like to make it happen ! And we write about it as much as we can … besides a full time job, a part time job or being on the road and making our living online or offline. 

For the ebook it is about sharing your favorite spot, give one picture and say a few words about it (150-200 words max).

2nd : sum up “Travelling” in 3 words for you at the end.

I am planning on a free ebook, language would be english and german and it is free to share for you also then. 

I’d love to have you participating! 

So if you are interested, email your text and pic either to hello .at. or fill this form here and upload your pic with it 1f60a😊 

When the ebook is finished, I will send it to you first thing 🙂 

Click and let us unite ! 








    With submitting text and picture you confirm your full rights for publishing the image (original content) and text. Furthermore you give permission to publish both in an free ebook and digital articles like mentioned above. You will receive the ebook and are free to share it.