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    Gentse waterzooi: Belgian chunky chicken stew

    This recipe for tender anddelicious chicken soup is a Belgian legend. It warms the soul and heart and serves as a light supper or lunch. It is rich in healthy ingredients. You will love this signature chicken dish.  History of Belgian waterzooi Waterzooi is a traditional Flemish soup. The Dutch word comes from zooien, which means to cook. It is believed to have come from the city of Ghent, as the name implies. This Ghent-style chicken soup is healthy choice for busy nights and when children are sick.  Originally Belgian waterzooi soup was made from fish, freshwater or sea fish. Today, chicken is a well-known meat and is readily available. The reason this dish changes over time is because the rivers in Ghent are so polluted that the fish have disappeared.  Discover more: The Top 11 Belgian food you did not know about yet Tip for super tender chicken meat For chicken, especially tender, use 1.5 kg (3 lb) of chicken legs instead of chicken breast. Leg meat is the most sensitive part of the whole chicken. After…

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    Flemish Beef Stew: A Legendary Belgian Dish

    This rich and hearty recipe is one of the Belgian signature dishes. It fills and warms you, not only in Winter. The Belgian kitchen is rich of hearty dishes, just like this one. The most important factor for this dish is time. The meat has be cooked for around 2, better 3 hours on low heat. Your patience will be rewarded with one of the most tender meat you will ever eat. For the stew meat, choose shoulder meat if possible. The right beer For the dark beer, choose a brand not too bitter in taste. IPA is not a good choice for the Flemish beer stew. Sides Serve this…

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    Top 10: Typical Belgian Food you did not know about yet

    Belgium and food are usually not mentioned in the same sentence. Belgian food is unknown to many people. Despite Belgium is a small country, it has an incredibly rich food culture. Let´s take a deeper look into more unknown specialities of Belgian cuisine.  When it comes to Belgian food , most think of chocolate, beer and french (from frenched, not from France!!) fries. When you ask for typical Belgian cuisine, those are the answers that will pop into mind. And you are not wrong, of course. But there is way more of yummy traditional Belgian food. Belgian food and its recipes Belgian chocolate is the very best in the world…