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    Sustainable Tourism

    Your way to Sustainable Travel

    Does travel and environmental protection go hand in hand?  What does ecotourism mean and what are the benefits? How do I find sustainable travel ? How can sustainable tourism affect local communities? 2017 was the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development. You didn’t know that?  The UN General Assembly has declared this year to underline the importance of sustainable tourism. What does sustainable living mean? The term “sustainable” is on everyone’s lips in times of environmental pollution and exploitation of the earth – at least in the mouths of those who do not want to contribute to the deterioration of the situation, but are interested in its improvement. People…

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    Sustainable Tourism

    Best Practice: Sustainable traveling

    Lately, sustainable traveling has advanced from a genuine specialty thought to an all inclusive need. What is presently evident to settlement suppliers is that holidaymakers expect the organizations they book with to be as dependable, moral and maintainable as conceivable. Over the coming years anticipate that travel brands will incorporate sustainable traveling into their offerings in energizing and imaginative ways. But it is not only the travelling itself that counts. Sustainability is also important when it comes to food. Regional and seasonal are the keywords of choice. Here are three inventive yet eco-accommodating patterns in the hotel and tourism industry: Hotels that have negligible visual and auxiliary effect on their condition…