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Kimchi – home made

Homemade kimchi is simply super delicious and the ideal snack.
It comes initially from Korea and is a true vitamin bomb.

Kimchi is generally used for all vegetables which are preserved by lactic acid fermentation. So our domestic sauerkraut is nothing else.
For Korean kimchi, the best known method is to use Chinese cabbage. But everything can be stored. Radish, cucumber, carrots….. if it is kept tightly sealed in the marinade without oxygen, it can last up to several years. Traditionally, Korea has been lodged in September. This kind of vitamin-protecting species ensures the supply of food even during the harsh winter months. Kimchi is part of almost every Korean meal.

Brief history of kimchi

Korea was acquainted with New World food and ingredients, for example, sweet potatoes and peppers. However it is still wrangled about that the Hideyoshi intrusions themselves presented chilli peppers or that they were acquired from China. Red chilli peppers were intensely utilized within a hundred years.  This completely changed the aging strategies and taste of kimchi.

Shrewd kimchi creators were adding creature proteins to their kimchis.  Tongbaechu Kimchi, the entire cabbage kimchi everybody knows about, was first designed after 1800 C.E. It turned into the most well known style of kimchi, supplanting the radish, cucumber, and eggplant. There were 92 distinct sorts of kimchi by 1827. Today there are more than 200.
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There’s no such thing as “the way to do it.”

Rather, each family has its own recipe that varies in many ways, and each Korean child who lives far from home yearns for her mother’s kimchi. I love kimchi myself! It is salty, light and an ideal snack.

Here is our kimchi recipe for a quick preparation!

Recipe How to:

  1. Quarter or quart or eighth of Chinese cabbage and salt in a bowl. To do this, massage salt into each quarter (eighth part) carefully. This serves to remove water from the cabbage. Let it stand for 2-3 hours.
  2. In the meantime, boil a marinade of cold water, potato flour and sugar for a short time, then turn off. Add a shot of rice vinegar.
  3. Add the ginger, chilli powder, fish sauce and 1 onion chopped later to the cooled marinade. Chop the spring onions and chop the radish.
  4. After the drawing period, wash the salt from the cabbage and massage the marinade into each leaf.
  5. Fill into closable containers. We always use old glasses of e. g. cucumbers.
  6. Leave the glass at room temperature for 1-2 days, so that the cabbage begins to ferment.
  7. Then put at least 1 week, ideally 3-4 weeks in the refrigerator. Voila!

Another method is just to massage chilli, fish sauce and giger into the cabbage and put it into glasses right away. This gives a clear marinade.

Post your insider tips for a perfect kimchi!



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