This rich and hearty recipe is one of the Belgian signature dishes. It fills and warms you, not only in Winter. Serve this special recipe with French Fries or potatoes. Print Dark Flemish Beer Stew "Stoofvlees of stoverij" 10 minutes 3 hours, 15 minutes Total Time: 3 hours, 25 minutesMore

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Belgium and food are usually not mentioned in the same sentence. Belgian food is unknown to many people. Despite Belgium is a small country, it has an incredibly rich food culture. Let´s take a deeper look into more unknown specialities of Belgian cuisine.  In cooperation with Babs from www.travelgearforkids.com. WhenMore

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Homemade kimchi is simply super delicious and the ideal snack. It comes initially from Korea and is a true vitamin bomb. Kimchi is generally used for all vegetables which are preserved by lactic acid fermentation. So our domestic sauerkraut is nothing else. For Korean kimchi, the best known method isMore