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    Red Hungarian fish soup “Halászlé”

    This is one of the most loved Hungarian appetizers. Because Hungary doesn’t have access to the sea, but has many standing water sources, it is made with freshwater fish. This healthy and authentic recipe is waiting for you to make it at home. Fish soup in Hungary Fish soup is a great choice in Hungary. However, it can be difficult to get used to. Usually you will find bones and heads in the soup also. You can make this dish at home and just use filets, if you prefer. Traditional carp is the main ingredient. A good deal of paprika is used to brighten the soup. But you can also use other fatty fish. If…

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    Travelogue Hungary: Of trout and hot springs

    Hungary usually isn’t the first Eastern European country that pops into your mind when it comes to holidays in Eastern Europe, is it?  But who does not know Hungarian goulash or that the capital of Hungary is Budapest. But the country has so much more to offer than you think and there are some sights in Northern Hungary. Also it is a safe country and more developed than some might expect. Within the country and due to its central location, Kecskemét is an excellent starting-point for short breaks and trips. Top-class Hungarian red wine A Travelogue: The first stop was Eger. There we not only wanted to visit the beautiful…